Stream your music from Dropbox

BoxStream is a cloud music player. It streams your music right from your Dropbox, where you can organize it the way you like it.

Get it on Google Play

Available for Android phones and tablets.
Simple Interface

Simple and intuitive. 'nuff said.

Multiple audio formats

Supports all common audio formats: mp3, ogg, flac, m4a, aac and wav.

Intuitive Design

All you'd expect from a music player. Feel at home.

We also have a beta program

In order to be able to download the latest release of the app, before it is promoted to production, please enroll using this link.
Gapless playback

Try playing mixed albums and be amazed by this fast switching between tracks.

Metadata display

Fetch metadata (such as IDv3 info) from audio files and display title, artist name and album art.

Headset and Bluetooth control

Control playback and skip tracks using headset or Bluetooth controls.

Smartwatch integration

Displays track metadata on your Pebble smartwatch. Control playback and skip tracks using your watch.